Science History Institute (formerly Chemical Heritage Foundation)

Othmer Library Open House: Back-to-School Night: A pop-up exhibit featuring material from library and archival collections, including materials related to mid-twentieth century science fairs and correspondence about education policy.

Othmer Library Open House: The Golden Age of Science Advertising: A pop-up exhibit featuring material from library and archival collections. Material selected in collaboration with library staff.

American Philosophical Society

“Quite a Little Way from Civilization”: The Anathan-Jacobs Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Collection: A virtual exhibit highlighting materials from the American Philosophical Society’s first fully digitized collection. Written in collaboration with other staff members, primarily a pair of fellow processors. (Wayback Machine)

Shaping North America: Politics & Exploration: An exhibit that appeared in the lobby of the American Philosophical Society’s Library. Created in collaboration with Library and Conservation staff. (Wayback Machine)