Archives & Cultural Heritage Work


Science History Institute (formerly Chemical Heritage Foundation)

Othmer Library Open House: Back-to-School Night: A pop-up exhibit featuring material from library and archival collections, including materials related to mid-twentieth century science fairs and correspondence about education policy.

Othmer Library Open House: The Golden Age of Science Advertising: A pop-up exhibit featuring material from library and archival collections. Material selected in collaboration with library staff.

American Philosophical Society

“Quite a Little Way from Civilization”: The Anathan-Jacobs Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Collection: A virtual exhibit highlighting materials from the American Philosophical Society’s first fully digitized collection. Written in collaboration with other staff members, primarily a pair of fellow processors.

Shaping North America: Politics & Exploration: An exhibit that appeared in the lobby of the American Philosophical Society’s Library. Created in collaboration with Library and Conservation staff.


Selling Science in the 20th Century, 26 August 2017, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Co-presented with Sarah Newhouse as part of the Saturday Speaker series at the Science History Institute (formerly Chemical Heritage Foundation).

#ArchivesForBlackLives: Archivists respond to Black Lives Matter, 29 July 2017, Portland, Oregon: Co-presented with Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, Faith Charlton, and Teressa Raiford at the Liberated Archives Forum at the SAA Annual Meeting. (mp3 – paywall for non-attendees)

The Alchemy of Tumblr Gold: Uses of Social Media at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, 21 April 2017, Newark, New Jersey: Panelist for the MARAC Spring Conference session, You Established a Social Media Presence, What’s Next? (slides)

Social Media

Science History Institute

Othmeralia: Othmer Library of Chemical History (Tumblr; my posts are here)

Behind the Scenes for Archives Month: week long Instagram takeover, in collaboration with Melanie Grear, Hillary Kativa, and Sarah Newhouse, 5 October 2017 (Instagram)

Behind the Scenes for Archives Month: week long Instagram takeover, in collaboration with Hillary Kativa and Sarah Newhouse, 7 October 2016 (Instagram)

Behind the Scenes: Digitizing The Beckman Historical Collection: Twitter takeover, 1 July 2016 (Twitter)

Hagley Museum & Library

“UFOs and Teddy Bears: Quality Control and Public Relations,” 11 February 2016 (Hagley blog)

“Employee Photographs: Photographic Evidence of Fashion Standards and Outliers,” 28 September 2015 (Hagley blog)

“Materiality in the Archives, or Why are Circuits Filed with Photographs?,” 17 August 2015 (Hagley blog)

Society of American Archivists Issues & Advocacy Roundtable

“ICYMI: SAA’S Initiative for Cultural Diversity Competence webinar,” 31 March 2016 (Issues & Advocacy blog)


Rosemont College

Write Women Back Into History Edit-a-Thon, Guest speaker/facilitator, 13 March 2015 (History in the City blog)